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Nexteer’s Steer-by-Wire (SbW) is the center link in our advanced steering technology suite – unlocking new safety and performance benefits. It also opens new possibilities for vehicle light-weighting and packaging flexibility.

SbW replaces the mechanical steering connection between the hand wheel and road wheels with algorithms, electronics and actuators. SbW emulates the “feel of the road,” offers a wide performance range (including sporty, luxury, comfort, etc.) and enhances maneuverability through our variable steering ratio.

SbW supports traditional driving and varying levels of Automated Driving (AD). Nexteer’s SbW also enables our Stowable Steering Column and Quiet Wheel™ Steering.


OEM Benefits: Flexibility & Brand Differentiator

  • Preferred enabler of Automatic Emergency Steering (AES)
  • Enables re-use of components across platforms (LHD/RHD, EVs, etc.)
  • Enhances flexibility of under-hood packaging & front of dash design (especially important in EV battery packaging)
  • Enables intelligent, cost-saving steering strategies
  • Potentially saves assembly time with automatic alignment of the road wheels & hand wheel
  • Applies to traditional and varying levels of automated driving
  • Creates a brand differentiator by delivering advanced safety & performance with uncompromising steering feel

Driver Benefits: Safety & Performance

  • Preferred enabler of Automatic Emergency Steering (AES)
  • Enhances stability control and braking distance
  • Improves weather & road condition compensation
  • Enables safe transitions between traditional & automated driving through Nexteer’s Steering on Demand™ System
  • Improves driver comfort by enabling Nexteer’s Quiet Wheel™ Steering & Stowable Steering Column technology
  • Immerses driver into a “branded” driving experience – with highly tuned steering feel ranging from luxury to sporty

Award-Winning Steer-by-Wire with Stowable Steering Column Technologies

Our innovative combination of Steer-by-Wire (SbW) with Stowable Steering Column technologies was recognized as a 2021 Automotive News PACEpilot Innovation to Watch. Our award-winning combination reinvents the “behind-the-wheel” experience and opens an untapped frontier of advanced safety and performance features for autonomous and traditional driving.

When paired together, Nexteer’s SbW with Stowable Steering Column opens a new world of cockpit design options and changes how drivers can use their vehicles – creating the opportunity for OEMs to re-invent and re-purpose the driver’s cabin space.

Nexteer Steer-by-Wire