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Assisted & AD Enablers, New Mobility, Safety

Enabling a New Era of Safety & Performance

August 29, 2020

Our industry has made unprecedented safety and performance advances thanks to driver assist features such as lane-keeping, park-assist, trailer-assist, wind compensation and many others.  In fact, there are so many ADAS features, that SAE recently published a recommendation for common names to clear-up confusion!

When it comes to driver-assist features, you might be surprised to learn two things about Nexteer:

  1. Nexteer’s electric power steering (EPS) is a key enabler of driver assist features
  2. Nexteer’s Steer-by-Wire (SbW) is a gateway to a whole new era of safety and performance

EPS as Key ADAS Enabler 

Nexteer’s electric power steering (EPS) systems provide a fundamental safety feature: Steering assist.  This steering assist is what makes maneuvering in tight parking spots easier and gives you just the right amount of assist on an open highway.

Beyond safety fundamentals, EPS also enables advanced safety through driver assist features that I previously mentioned (ADAS Level 2).  For ADAS Level 3 and higher, Nexteer’s High Availability EPS ensures that the steering “safety net is always on” by integrating backup hardware components and multi-path processing software.

SbW:  Gateway to a New Era of Safety & Performance   

First, let me address a common misconception: SbW is NOT just for autonomous driving.  Rather, SbW opens the gateway to even greater levels of safety and performance for all kinds of driving scenarios – both where the driver is in and out of the loop (ADAS Levels 2-5).

For example, SbW could enhance stability control with shorter braking distances compared to traditional steering systems. Looking ahead, SbW may also be the preferred enabler for Automatic Emergency Steering (AES) – a game-changing safety feature.

AES detects potential collisions and automatically steers to avoid or lessen the severity of impact. During these collision-avoidance maneuvers, SbW can eliminate or reduce steering wheel rotation giving the driver added safety, confidence and comfort.

Performance & Personality is “Coded” into Every Steering Solution

Whether it’s traditional EPS, High Availability EPS or SbW, Nexteer’s software experts tailor the steering feel and responsiveness from luxury to sporty; and can even customize the exact steering feel to match an OEM’s brand. It’s what makes a BMW feel like a BMW, for example.

Delivering on performance is what makes a brand come to life.  It defines the driver’s “behind the wheel” experience.  It’s the heart of a vehicle’s personality – connecting the driver to the feel of the road.

At Nexteer, we get to deliver advanced safety and performance to millions of drivers around the world every day.   We’re also a key piece in the puzzle when it comes to opening the gateway to a new era of safety and performance that’s just around the corner.


Robin Milavec
Robin Milavec is Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Strategy Officer, responsible for integrating corporate strategy, driving product and process innovation and positioning Nexteer as a technology leader with new market opportunities.