September 18, 2018


All Nexteer Automotive Suppliers:

The Nexteer Supplier Requirements have been updated effective September 18, 2018. It is your responsibility to review the entire document for details regarding these changes. The updated document can be found on the Nexteer Supplier Website under Doing Business with Nexteer at the following link:

Questions are to be directed to your Nexteer Buyer or Supplier Quality Personnel.

Major changes involve Sections:

  • 1 Scope – Added NBH for failure to comply with this document.
  • 3.1 Terms and Definitions – Complaints per Million was changed to Complaints per Billion, added other miscellaneous definitions.
  • 4.3 Determining the Scope of the QMS – re-write of this section for clarity.
  • Contingency Plans – Added cyber-attacks.
  • 8.1.1 Operational Planning and Control Supplemental – clarified the SCS submission requirement.
  • 8.2.1 Customer Communication – Added CQI-9 Application.
  • 3.2.1 Design and Development Planning – Added DSS document reference.
  • Supplier Monitoring – Added 1 additional stage to the escalation process, added the requirement for the supplier to submit their most recent annual QMS surveillance audit report.
  • Supporting Documentation – Changed Appendix 58.1, MCA, to F1004.
  • 8.5 Supporting Documentation – Eliminated Appendix 11, AIAG Check-sheet and Extended Downtime Checklist.
  • 8.5.3 Property Belonging to Customers or External Providers – Updated to coordinate with section 11.4.
  • 8.7 Supporting Documentation – Eliminated Extended Downtime Checklist and Appendix 57.3 Step Down Chart.
  • Manufacturing Process Audit – Added reference to section 8.2.1, Customer Communication.
  • 10.3.1 Continual Improvement – Added that suppliers are strongly encouraged to utilize the MCA/NSA, added that layered audits must be administered under the guidance of a competent manufacturing process auditor.
  • 11.1 Commercial Expectations – Access to sub-tier’s facilities and documents will be through prior approval of the Nexteer supplier.
  • 11.4 Payment – Updated to “successful” run at rate.

November 15, 2017


All Nexteer Automotive Suppliers:

The Nexteer Supplier Requirements have been updated effective November 15, 2017. It is your responsibility to review the entire document for details regarding these changes. The updated  can be found on the Nexteer Supplier Website under Doing Business with Nexteer at the following link:

Questions are to be directed to your Nexteer Buyer or Supplier Quality Personnel.

Complete Rewrite to align with IATF 16949 clauses and numbering scheme, as well as, moved Supporting Documentation, Forms, References, to the end of each section. Major changes involve Sections:

Introduction – Updated vision.

1.1 Scope – Added indirect services.

3.1 Definitions – Added multiple definitions

4.3 Determining the Scope of the QMS – Updated for indirect services and reference to certification bodies. Removed waiver allowance. Product Safety – Added software development Corporate Responsibility – Added AIAG training reference Measurement Systems Analysis – Added online test or inspection equipment, visual inspection. Gage R&Rs to be updated annually.

8.1.1 Operational Planning and Control Supplemental – Added written approval from Nexteer is required on changes to MAPP after business award. APQP updated for multiple additions to the process.

8.2.1 Customer Communication – Specific indirect service suppliers now required to register to Intelex and participate in the Supplier 360 Profile application. Customer Designated Special Characteristics – Added DSS description. Initial Process Capability Studies for PPAP – required for all special characteristics unless otherwise agreed in MAPP (e.g. cap study may not be possible). Long Term Process Capability Studies – added control charting, clarified requirements for CL3. Organization Manufacturing Feasibility/Run-at-Rate – Added a reference to section 8.1.1 Process Readiness Audit. Clarified rules for capacity including requirement of full tooling in place for run-at-rate. Product Approval Process – Annual PPAPs must include the appropriate CQI Assessments which must be dated within 1 year of the PAPP submission date. Clarified the authorization to ship parts is provided by Nexteer PC&L after PAPP approval. Supplier Selection Process – Added CQI-8 Layered Process Audit Guideline, added requirement of financial assessment of sub-tier suppliers. Statutory and Regulatory Requirements – re-wrote section to add clarification. Supplier Quality Management System Development – Added the requirement of progression of QMS development including 2nd Party Audits. Supplier Monitoring – Clarified the SQEP process. – Second Party Audits – New Section includes reference to OEM customer requirements. Control Plan – Updated annual layout inspection requirement to include applicable AIAG special process assessments and guidelines. Traceability requirement added to control plan. Standardized Work – Operator Instructions and Visual Standards – Added OEM customer requirement Production Scheduling – Clarified EDI requirement and added OEM customer requirement for 100% on time delivery and notifications.

8.5.2 Identification and Traceability – Added requirement that key processes and quality data be identified in the control plan. Added evidence of the record system including retrieval be available prior to PPAP submission.

8.5.4 Preservation – Packaging – requirement that packaging of electronic components and assemblies shall be made of ESD dissipative or anti-static material. Shipment Security – added Mexico OEA requirements. Control of Changes Supplemental – Added that a completed and approved production trial run may be required. Control of Non-Conforming Product – Customer Specified Process – Clarified Controlled Shipping. Manufacturing Process Audit – Changed requirement for annual CQI assessment submission to now be included in the annual PPAP submission instead of Intelex.

10.2.4 Error Proofing – Added review of CL1 and CL2 features for adequate control during APQP.

10.2.5 Warranty Management Systems – Added reference to AIAG CQI-14, Consumer Centric Warranty Management.

10.3.1 Continual Improvement – Added Nexteer Supplier Assessment as a tool for use and added reference to AIAG CQI-8, Layered Process Audit Guideline.

11.4 Payment – Added Supplier Quality requirements for direct supplier payment.

11.6 Data Privacy – Added reference to Privacy Shield.

Attachment F Nexteer Ethics Line – removed the attachment; information now contained in 5.1.1, Corporate Responsibility.

October 12, 2017


Dear Nexteer Partner,

Posted here are the key messages shared by Nexteer executive leadership during our global supplier conference this past September. Please share with your teams and reach out to your commercial contact within Nexteer for clarification on any of the points contained therein.

2017 Global Supplier Conference


Nexteer Automotive

October 5, 2017

All Nexteer Suppliers

CBP Cracks Down on Wood Packaging Material Requirement Violations

Effective November 1st 2017 U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will penalize any documented violation of the wood packaging material (WPM) requirements, eliminating its previous policy of allowing up to five violations before taking such action. There will be no annual reset for calculating repeat violations and each WPM violation may incur a penalty.

CBP states that this policy change is designed to motivate compliance with requirements for non-exempt imported WPM (e.g., crates, boxes, and pieces of wood used to support or brace cargo) that have been in effect since Sept. 16, 2005. Such WPM must be heat treated or fumigated with methyl bromide at approved facilities at places of origin to kill harmful timber pests that may be present. It must also display a visible, legible, and permanent mark certifying treatment, preferably on at least two sides of the article. The mark must be approved under the International Plant Convention in its International Standards of Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM 15) regulation.

Any WPM of foreign origin found to be lacking compliant markings or infested with a timber pest is considered not properly treated and must be immediately exported. The party responsible for the violative WPM (importer, carrier, or bonded custodian) must adhere to the emergency action notification stipulations and is responsible for any costs or charges associated with such exports.

CBP encourages trade industry members to consider alternatives to WPM if possible. These may include plywood or press board, plastic pallets, oriented strand board, hardboard, parallel strand lumber, synthetic foam, metal frames, inflated dunnage, and masonite veneer.

Link to the U.S. Customs Bulletin:

Thank You,

Nexteer Trade Compliance

December 15, 2016

All Direct Material Suppliers:

Revision to the SPI (Supplier Packaging Information) form:
1) New tab with a completed sample SPI

2) New tab with regional-specific requirements

3) “Summary of Design Requirements” tab, added:

  • Line 22, “Load must have sufficient strength to stack to a height of 104 in. (2640mm) in transit”. “Suitable non-stapled corner supports and top stacking frames may be necessary to meet this requirement”.
  • Added line 50, “All container designs must be stackable”.
  • Line 51 (previously 49), changed the verbage from “DO NOT SHIP labels not to be used” to “DO NOT STACK labels not to be used”.

Revision to the Global Packaging and Shipping Manual:
1) Page 8, changed the max pallet height baseline from 52 inches to 48 inches

2) Page 32, included new sample SPI

Please review the updated Manual and obtain the new SPI form from the Supplier Website at -> Suppliers -> Processes -> Shipping & Labeling.


Nexteer Global PC&L Team

November 1, 2016

All Nexteer Automotive Suppliers:

The Nexteer Supplier Requirements have been updated effective November 1, 2016.
The changes impacted Sections:

  • 1.3 Supplier Communication – Added Supplier Quality Escalation Process to the list of communications.
  • 1.4 Quality Management System – Added notice of the upcoming transition from ISO/TS 16949 to IATF 16949 effective Sept. 14, 2018. Added in section A, the requirement of a supplier plan to comply with TS16949 if the supplier is certified only to ISO9001. Clarified requirements for suppliers not registered to a quality standard. Section D, clarified ISO9001 quality certificates are recognized by Nexteer only if the certification body is recognized by IAF MLA. Updated the quality certification waiver criteria to exclude annual purchase value.
  • 1.9 Record Retention – Added 50 year retention requirement for PPAP documentation. Supplier must maintain operating systems and equipment to facilitate retrievable for the entire retention period.
  • 2.2 Pricing – Annual target reduction changed from 3% to a variable percentage.
  • 4.2 Planning of Product Realization – Refer to DSS document for CL3 if the drawing safety regulation block is checked “yes”.
  • 4.5 Nexteer Designated Special Characteristics – Added requirement for CL1, CL2, and CL3, that machine set up procedures must include verification of correct set up and that parts are 100% to print prior to release to production.
    • Product Characteristic Chart for use without QCLs – Added extended production run to the process requirements acceptance criteria for standard characteristics.
    • Product Characteristics Charts for use with QCLs – Clarified initial process capability requirements for PPAP. Added on-going capability requirements.
  • 4.8 Control Plan – clarified annual layout requirement.
  • 4.10 Measurement System Analysis – Clarified attribute gage study requirement for parts distribution.
  • 5.1 Packaging – Updated to “…packaging proposal that ensures product quality from the supplier’s plant to the Nexteer dock”.
  • 7.2 Supplier Quality Escalation/Top Focus Supplier Process – Added the description of the SQ Escalation Process.
  • 7.4 Control of Nonconforming Product – Added the requirement of a reject reconciliation and response process which includes communication.
  • 7.5 Supplier Performance Scorecards – Renamed section to Supplier Performance Scorecards from Scorecards, re-write of section due to changes in the scorecard calculations.
  • Attachments B, C, D, and E updated. Drawing symbol removed for CL3 – must refer to DSS document.
  • 8.0 Glossary – Added SQEP

It is your responsibility to review the entire document for details regarding these changes. The updated document can be found on the Nexteer Supplier Website under Doing Business with Nexteer.

Questions are to be directed to your Nexteer Buyer or Supplier Quality Personnel.

May 26, 2016

To:  All Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Suppliers and Vendors that do business with Nexteer Automotive at the Saginaw location – “Need to Wear Safety Shoes” 

Around the world Nexteer Automotive is requiring slip resistant steel / composite toe safety shoes for anyone who works or walks in the manufacturing and laboratory environments. As some of you may have heard, per the recent 2015 Local UAW / Nexteer Contractual Agreement and Health & Safety requirements stemming from toe injuries, Nexteer is going to a new safety shoe policy. Anyone who has a need to work or walk on our manufacturing floors, labs, garages, and Power House areas will be required by July 1, 2016 to wear slip resistant safety shoes with full leather uppers.

Nexteer Automotive expects all contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and vendors to purchase their own full leather upper slip resistant safety shoes to be worn when on Nexteer Automotive property. (Please keep in mind that Nexteer Automotive will be going to slip resistant steel / composite toe shoes on February 1, 2017 so it is highly recommended when purchasing safety shoes to purchase steel / composite slip resistant safety shoes.) Nexteer Automotive will be providing temporary steel toe slip resistant overshoes and other required personal protective equipment (PPE) at the entrances of the Saginaw HQ main lobby and plants, which must be logged out and in upon completion of your visit.

The wearing of open toe, flip flops, sandals, fabric, tennis, canvas and any shoe with heels greater than two inches will continue to be forbidden to be worn in the Nexteer Automotive manufacturing, labs, garages and Power House areas. The enforcement of the Nexteer Safety Shoe Program brings Nexteer Automotive in line with the OSHA / MIOSHA standards for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

If any contractor, sub-contractor, supplier or vendor has any questions concerning this change to the Nexteer Automotive Safety Shoe Program, please get with your Nexteer Automotive host / contact or the Saginaw Site Safety Department.

Doug Owenby

VP North America Operations

March 2, 2016

All Nexteer Automotive Suppliers:

The Nexteer Supplier Requirements have been updated effective March 1, 2016.
The changes impacted Sections:

  • 1.2 Code of Conduct and Corporate Social Responsibility – Added reference to Nexteer Code of Conduct and Attachment F
  • 1.3 Supplier Communication – Clarified heat treat assessment (AIAG CQI-9) annual submission requirement. Updated Vontik link to:
  • 1.4 Quality Management System – Clarified quality certificates are recognized by Nexteer only if the certification body is recognized by IATF as evidenced by the IATF logo and number on the quality certificate.
  • 1.7 Sub Supplier Selection – Added CQI 27 Special Process: Casting System Assessment.
  • 1.9 Record Retention – Added extended requirement for retention of Process Control Data, Process Inspection Data, and records of Reaction Activities for readings outside of specification. Also modified record retention for product traceability from 5 years to the current year plus 15 additional years.
  • 4.2 Planning for Product Realization – Updated the requirement for Sourcing, APQP documents, and Intelex responses to be in English. Added the requirement of CQI 27.
  • 4.3 Product Approval Process – Added references to AIAG PPAP manual and AIAG Service PPAP manual
  • 4.5 Nexteer Designated Special Characteristics – Added that QCLs are used on drawings for both new and carry-over parts. Added press load process control requirement.
  • Product Characteristic Chart for use without QCLs – Removed Cpm from the process requirements acceptance criteria for standard and fit/function QCI characteristics. Removed extended production run from the process requirements acceptance criteria for standard characteristics.
  • Product Characteristics Charts for use with QCLs – Removed Cpm index from the initial process capability study acceptance criteria. Removed extended production run Ppk from the process capability requirements acceptance criteria. Added note for CL1, CL2, and CL4 that 100% inspection is not acceptable as the only control where the process indices are not met.
  • 4.10 Variable Gage Studies – Added a max target of 10% when percentage R&R is calculated based on study variation.
  • 4.12 Special Process Assessments – Added CQI-9 annual submission requirement and CQI 27 Special Process: Casting System Assessment
  • 4.15 Annual Layout Inspection and Functional Testing – Added MSA study. Results must be submitted to the Supplier Quality Engineer.
  • 5.1 Packaging – Clarified supplier’s responsibility to provide packaging that ensures product quality to the Nexteer point of use.
  • 5.5 Regional Customs Documents – When shipping goods across borders, the supplier invoice shall include the manufacturing country of origin.
  • 6.0 Change Management – Re-written to emphasize approval timing of changes and communication of Nexteer’s change management requirements to sub-tier suppliers.
  • 7.2 Top Focus Supplier Process – Clarified verbiage regarding suppliers who are selected to participate in the TFS process.
  • 7.3 Problem Reporting and Resolution Process including Cost Recovery – Changed initial response timing from 48 hours to 24 hours.
  • 8.0 Glossary – Added Carry-over part and MCA definitions.

It is your responsibility to review the entire document for details regarding these changes. The updated document can be found on the Nexteer Supplier Website under Doing Business with Nexteer.

Questions are to be directed to your Nexteer Buyer or Supplier Quality Personnel.

October 13, 2015

Dear North America Supplier,

To better align Nexteer’s payment frequency with other Tier 1 suppliers we are changing our Accounts Payable payment schedule from 4 times per month to 2 times per month.   Pursuant to this change, our last weekly payment run will be made on Thursday, October 22, 2015.

On Monday, November 2nd, our payment schedule will switch to the first and the twelfth work day of each month. Our first semi-monthly payment run will be made that day and will include payment for all shipments and services that have reached payment maturity by that date.  If you have any questions on this change, please contact our call center at (989) 395-7177.

In addition to this change, Nexteer has been working with J.P. Morgan on a new payment option that will also be available to you on November 2nd.   This option is an electronic, credit card-based payment solution which allows accelerated payments to suppliers who choose to use this form of payment.  This payment solution is commonly known as a single-use account (SUA) solution.  Some of the benefits to you, our supplier, of using our SUA option are:

  • Allows accelerated payments to suppliers
  • Provides unlimited secure electronic remittance details via email or portal
  • Provides automated supplier communications and reminders
  • Provides automated reconciliation

The SUA payment option comes with no additional costs from J.P. Morgan or Nexteer. However, supplier-merchant interchange fees may apply.

If you are not familiar with an SUA card program but are interested in learning more, please go to

If you:

  • already take advantage of SUA card programs and would like to utilize the Nexteer
    SUA program,
  • have questions about the cash acceleration payment process and would like to know how many days you can accelerate your Nexteer payment by,
  • would like to talk to a JPM representative directly about the program,

please call the J.P. Morgan Recruitment Team at (877) 207-7450.  A  J.P. Morgan representative will be happy to show you how many days you can accelerate your Nexteer payment by and assist in getting you registered and ready to go!!


James Corbeil
Nexteer Automotive Corporation
Executive Director, Global Supply Management