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Electric Power Steering

Nexteer’s Electric Power Steering (EPS) gives you comfort, control and feel-of-the-road. It gives your vehicle personality and performance.

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Steering Columns

Nexteer’s steering columns connect you to your vehicle like no other component. Columns play a critical, behind-the-scenes safety role during a crash.

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After the pedal hits the floor and before the rubber meets the road, our driveline systems translate power from your transaxle to your road wheels.

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Hydraulic Power Steering

Nexteer has redefined Hydraulic Power Steering, bringing fuel efficiency and even Advanced Driver Assist features not typically found on heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles.

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ADAS & Automated Driving

We’re solving motion control needs for today’s world and an automated future. The future of motion control is here: At Nexteer. We relentlessly innovate to enhance safety, control, comfort and performance.

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"AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – March 29, 2020 – Nexteer Automotive today reported annual results for its fiscal year ended December 31, 2019. The Company’s 2019 financial results were impacted by various environmental challenges including lower OEM light vehicle production across […]"

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