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We’re committed to relentless innovation to enhance safety and performance for today’s world and an automated future.

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We focus on agility, responsiveness and quality to provide value-added solutions to our customers around the world

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Our global team of software experts deliver innovative solutions with speed, flexibility andseamless vehicle integration.

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Electric Power Steering
Nexteer’s Electric Power Steering (EPS) & Steer-by-Wire (SbW) enable advanced safety & performance for small cars to heavy duty trucks.
Steering Columns
Nexteer’s steering columns connect you to your vehicle like no other component. Columns play a critical, behind-the-scenes safety role during a crash.
After the pedal hits the floor and before the rubber meets the road, our driveline systems translate power from your transaxle to your road wheels.
Nexteer’s software solutions enable advanced safety, performance and convenience.
Hydraulic Power Steering
Nexteer has redefined Hydraulic Power Steering (HPS), bringing fuel efficiency and ADAS features not typically found on heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles.

Recent News
mREPS: Safe, Flexible, Cost-Effective Steering for Heavier Vehicles – Including EVs
Introduced at the 2023 Auto Shanghai Show in April, our new mREPS system combines the efficiency benefits of a modular system with the capability of steering heavier vehicles, such as EVs and light commercial vehicles.
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Software-Defined Vehicles: Where We Are and Where We’re Heading
At Nexteer, we continue to develop software-based technologies that improve safety, convenience and performance through advancements in smart steering, environment detection, vehicle health management and more.
Recent News
How Our Culture of Recognition Drives Innovation & Excellence
Relentless innovation fuels our daily actions that, ultimately, turn our vision into reality and are central to our culture. Recognizing those efforts – big and small – is an important way that we create an environment in which innovation and strategic risk-taking are celebrated and encouraged.
Recent News
Virtual Engineering Unlocks Mobility Innovations Plus Quality, Cost & Time Efficiencies
With automotive megatrends like electrification and software poised to change future mobility, engineers aren’t just innovating future automotive technologies, they’re also innovating the way they work.
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How Driveline Technologies Enhance Your Driving Experience
Our driveline solutions enhance driver comfort and control by enhancing vehicle handling and optimizing driveline performance on front wheel, rear wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles. They enable best-in-class Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) performance – a smooth, quiet ride – which further adds to the driving experience, especially in EVs.
Recent News
Our Vision for a Safe, Green & Exciting Future
As we close 2022 and look back over the last few years, the scope and pace of change in our industry – and our world -- has accelerated in the midst of many unforeseen challenges.  Looking ahead, we know that this pace and scope of change will continue to accelerate and evolve every aspect of mobility and many other areas of our daily lives. Consequently, we took this opportunity to pause, reflect and reimagine what the future might hold – and in doing so, reassess the vision that guides Nexteer’s future.
Recent News
Testing, Validation & Collaboration for Advanced Steering Technologies
At Nexteer, we act as a technology partner to our OEM customers, which is critical because our steering software and hardware solutions need to be integrated into the vehicle’s architecture at an early stage. While our work is deeply embedded with that of our OEM customers, we complete our own testing and validation for all of our products to ensure our technologies deliver the advanced safety and performance that our customers and drivers expect.
Recent News
How Steer-by-Wire’s Dynamic Variable Steering Ratio Adds Comfort & Control for Future Mobility
Steer-by-Wire (SbW) is a game-changing steering solution because it enables advanced safety, convenience and comfort features for drivers – one of which is Dynamic Variable Steering Ratio. Dynamic Variable Steering Ratio is a software feature within a SbW system that allows automakers to tailor vehicles’ responsiveness.
Recent News
Embracing Sustainability in Our One Nexteer Culture
The automotive industry is changing rapidly, with a sustainability-focused mindset driving megatrends-aligned innovations in electrification, fuel efficiency, advanced safety and more. At Nexteer, we take pride in enabling these changes and moving toward our shared vision to be the global leading motion control technology company that accelerates mobility to be safe, green and exciting – with sustainability as a key part.
Recent News
Expanding Brake-to-Steer Software Technology for Advanced Safety & Redundancy
CNXMotion, a joint venture between Nexteer and Continental, has expanded its Brake-to-Steer (BtS) technology with two new software functions that provide backup safety layers for all variants of Electric Power Steering (EPS) and Steer-by-Wire (SbW) systems and across all SAE levels of driving automation (levels 1 – 5).
Recent News
Advanced Steering and Driveline Technologies for Electrified Trucks
At Nexteer, we’re proud to have a proven track record of innovations specifically tailored for the truck segment, steering 9 of 10 trucks in North America. Now, our technology is helping automakers make the transition to electric versions of their popular full- and mid-size truck platforms, while maintaining their unique steering feel and performance for drivers.
Recent News
Collaboration with Tactile Mobility Allows Vehicles to Feel the Road
Through our partnership with Tactile Mobility, we recently developed an advanced road and tire detection software, which enhances the connection among the driver, vehicle and road through a new, advanced road and tire detection software in a steering system.
Recent News
mCEPS: Delivering Flexibility, Safety and Performance for Economic Cars of the Future
To further support and advance performance and safety features in small and compact vehicles, we recently introduced our innovative Modular CEPS system (mCEPS), which leverages our steering software and hardware expertise to provide cost-efficient scalability and a modular-design.
Recent News
Advanced Steering Technologies for the Software-Defined Vehicle
While individual ECUs remain common today, there is no question that DCUs are gaining traction for the connected, software-defined vehicles of the future. Through advanced steering systems and software, we’re working to support this shift and help bring the benefits of connectivity, advanced safety and performance to drivers and OEMs around the world.
Recent News
Nexteer Cares: A Culture of Giving Back to Communities Around the Globe
Nexteer takes great pride in our long-standing commitment to local communities – we’ve been giving back for more than 110 years! In the past five years, we’ve contributed more than $2.1 million and more than 72,000 employee volunteer hours to […]
Recent News
Steering Columns: Adding a Layer of Protection for Holiday Travelers
With more drivers on the road during the holiday season, the unfortunate reality is that the risk of a crash can increase as well – especially in snowy or icy conditions. At Nexteer, we take great pride in developing motion control technologies that increase vehicle safety to protect drivers and occupants year-round.
Recent News
Enabling Safer, More Durable & Reliable Driving for Shared, Autonomous & Electric Vehicles
To support the shared, electric and automated future of vehicles like people movers, our team at Nexteer focuses on advanced steering systems that will enable broader applications. In particular, our CES Innovation Award-winning Automated Steering Actuator provides a high availability, high output and high durability solution for more capable shared AVs – including those without a steering wheel or driver.
Recent News
How Award-Winning SbW + Stowable Column Will Transform Future Mobility
Nexteer’s award-winning technology combination of Steer-by-Wire (SbW) with Stowable Steering Column reinvents the “behind-the-wheel” experience and opens an untapped frontier of advanced safety and performance features for autonomous and traditional driving. 
Recent News
Nexteer’s Robin Milavec Featured in Automotive News Innovation Q&A
Nexteer’s President, CTO and CSO Robin Milavec recently weighed in on the megatrends that are driving the future of mobility and leading to smarter, safer and cleaner vehicles in an Automotive News innovation roundtable.
Recent News
High-Output Steering Systems Capable of Handling Heavy Loads
As we move toward a world in which more vehicles plug in instead of fill up, technology in the entire vehicle will have to evolve – not just the components related to fuel. At Nexteer, one way we’re supporting the industry’s electric evolution is through our complete line of underhood High-Output Electric Power Steering (EPS) Systems – which have increased output capabilities to meet the needs of heavier electric vehicles (EVs).
Recent News
Advanced Safety & Packaging Flexibility with Innovative Power Pack Design
One of the exciting, ADAS-enabling technologies in the Ford Bronco is Nexteer’s Near Cylindrical 10 FIT Folded Circuit Board Power Pack. This new power pack features our most compact, highest content design ever – a 10 FIT capable folded circuit board that enhances safety, cost savings and packaging space.
Recent News
Steer-by-Wire: Electrification & the Convergence of Megatrends
In the fast-changing automotive industry, the Electrification trend is not occurring in a vacuum. As more vehicle models move to electric versions, they are also adopting new software, connectivity and assisted and automated features for advanced safety and performance. As the center link of Nexteer’s advanced steering suite, Steer-by-Wire (SbW) plays an important role in enabling each of these industry megatrends.
Recent News
Advancing Our ESG / Sustainability Journey
From our long-standing commitment to our local communities to our history of developing innovative, safety-critical motion control technologies to our focus on environmental, health and safety – Nexteer’s commitment to environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) / sustainability is woven into all aspects of our business. In short, we’re committed to being a responsible corporate citizen in everything we do.
Recent News
A Steering Solution Fit for the Future of Trucks and EVs
With heavier vehicles like full-sized trucks and SUVs leading the pack in terms of new vehicle sales, automakers need an EPS system capable of handling higher loads to provide ADAS and advanced safety features on their most popular vehicles.
Recent News
Improving the Driver Experience Through Connectivity & OTA Updates
Advanced software is creating endless opportunities for future vehicle features through OTA updates, crowd sourcing and V2X communications. These will provide drivers with advanced safety and performance benefits and challenge automakers to differentiate themselves and make their brand stand out.
Recent News
Innovative Solutions for Future Steering System Challenges
With Nexteer's proven CIS portfolio and engineering experience, we work with our customers to embrace and solve their challenges which ultimately provides drivers with a safe and comfortable experience behind the wheel.
Recent News
Innovative Engineering and Manufacturing Under One Global, Digital Roof
At Nexteer Automotive, one of our key advantages to industry-leading innovation is our in-house ownership of the engineering process. From R&D to design, testing, validation and manufacturing – we do it all under one global, digital roof.
Recent News
Cyber Security: Considerations for the Next Generation of Connected Vehicles
While our OEM customers incorporate cyber security at the vehicle level, Nexteer further enhances safety by integrating multi-layer cyber security at the steering system level for maximum protection.
Recent News
Relentless Innovation in Times of Social Distancing
With enhanced safety measures in place, Nexteer remains committed to our culture of relentless innovation. From production lines to customer service and technical centers, we are working to make sure both our One Nexteer culture and commitment to world-class intuitive motion control solutions remain strong.
Recent News
The Future of Collision Avoidance with Automatic Emergency Steering
With our advanced steering software, SbW seamlessly manages or eliminates steering wheel rotation during AES maneuvers bringing added confidence, security and comfort to the driver. The result is a more graceful and intuitive steering transition before, during, and after an AES collision avoidance event, especially if the vehicle needs to make large, rapid movements to avoid an obstacle.
Recent News
Driveline Innovations Power the Future of Mobility
Nexteer recently expanded our Driveline product portfolio with new and enhanced technologies to support the demands of EVs. These advanced Halfshaft technologies are essential in EVs and MaaS, providing a smooth ride, increasing control and durability while limiting disturbances for drivers and passengers.
Recent News
Stowable Steering Columns Redefine Drivers’ “Behind-the-Wheel” Experience
Nexteer’s Stowable Steering Column innovation will take a driver’s “behind-the-wheel” experience to a whole, new level.  Our technology enables the steering wheel to retract into the dashboard when hands-off, automated driving is engaged. It can also be used in traditional vehicles when the vehicle is not in motion – increasing available space for driver comfort and other activities.
Recent News
Dual Pinion-Assist EPS: Growing Architecture for Electric & Sport Utility Vehicles
When considering steering solutions, Dual Pinion-Assist Electric Power Steering or DPEPS has emerged as a key technology – to compliment Rack-Assist EPS (REPS) – for the growing demand in electric and utility vehicles.
Recent News
Nexteer Invests in Tactile Mobility to Support Software Offerings & Next Level “Steering Feel”
Nexteer’s collaboration with Tactile Mobility is a perfect complement to our existing global software business model and focus on motion control software. Through this investment, we are looking forward to building out even more of our software offerings that maximize over-the-air updates and connectivity for even safer, more reliable driving.
Recent News
Innovation Meets Operations with Digital Trace™ Manufacturing
Digital Trace™ Manufacturing (DTM) has made a significant impact on our global manufacturing operations. DTM launched in 2018 as the automotive industry’s most advanced, holistic, integrative approach to design and manufacturing systems. This award-winning system uses the latest technologies and data analytics within one common, global architecture.
Recent News
Brake-to-Steer: Providing Driver Safety through Additional Layer of Directional Control
Brake-to-Steer is a technology coming from Nexteer and Continental’s joint venture, CNXMotion, providing yet another safety-layer that uses the vehicle’s brakes to steer the vehicle while also controlling its speed.
Recent News
Advanced Solutions for Last Mile Delivery
As one of the first applications of Mobility as a Service, LMD is automating local delivery of goods and creating the need for more intelligent steering technology and durable driveline components in delivery vehicles. To meet the unique demands of these vehicles, automakers are working to improve efficiency and automation, areas of expertise for Nexteer.
Recent News
Accelerating Trusted Motion Control through Partnership
In the three years since we announced the formation of CNXMotion, this extended team has been busy working on advanced motion control systems for the evolving world of mobility including automated driving. The team has been focused on solving automakers’ autonomous challenges – such as robust system redundancies for enhanced safety.
Recent News
Steering All Vehicle Types with Our Complete EPS Portfolio
As a global steering specialist, Nexteer has produced more than 70 million EPS systems for over 60 customers around the world. Our diverse EPS portfolio meets OEM needs for everything from small cars to heavy-duty trucks.
Recent News
Seizing New Opportunities in Megatrend Shifts
In recent years, the automotive industry has experienced a magnitude of change that has not been seen in over a century. This evolution continues and will be driven primarily by four mutually reinforcing megatrends.
Recent News
Software for Today’s Advanced Steering Systems
Within the industry, there’s a lot of conversation about the role automotive software will play to enable autonomous vehicles of the future. But what often gets less attention is the important role that software is playing right now in vehicles.
Recent News
Steering the Course in The Industry’s Electrification Journey
China, Europe, North America: Automotive OEMs are taking different routes in these markets to the same electrification destination. Along this journey, Nexteer is well-positioned to steer the course.


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