Supplier Applications

Global Supply Management Systems

Below are the Global Supply Management Systems used within Nexteer. If you need help gaining access to these systems please contact the appropriate Nexteer contact for each of the listed systems.

In order to better utilize our systems, we recommend that your organization create a group mailbox within your email client. A group mailbox such as will allow your organization to manage the users that would receive communication for the Nexteer systems. This email address can then be the email address associated with the one user ID in the Intelex system, as well as be used for any other communications from Nexteer. The benefit of having this group mailbox allows for communications to still be received by your organization regardless of vacation, leave, or employee responsibility changes. If you are unsure how to create or use a group mailbox, please contact your local IT support group.


Payment visibility for North America contracts only.

Help with QAD Supply Chain Portal

Please contact us for access and questions regarding this system.

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Problem Case reporting, Cost Recoveries, and Supplier Profile system.

Help with Intelex

Check out our new Learning Center for instructions on using the Intelex Applications.

Application Learning Center

For Intelex access or system support contact: Be sure to include your name, company name, Company Duns Number, UserId, Application record id (if applicable) and a brief description of your problem.

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Supplier Risk System.

Help with Vontik

If you have questions related to registration or Nexteer specific issues:

If you have user ID, password, or Vontik specific questions:

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