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Sourcing Processes

Nexteer is dedicated to providing best-in-class technology, quality and value to every customer, every day. To achieve that goal, we must provide a clear, consistent message to our supplier partners regarding requirements and expectations. Included herein are all documents related to these requirements and expectations.

General Terms and Conditions

Please see our Doing Business with Nexteer page for terms and conditions.

Cost Breakdown Form

Tooling Cost Breakdown Form

Manufacturing Assessment Process Plan (MAPP)

The MAPP is a document used to communicate Nexteer’s expectations to the supplier and to guide the Supplier and Nexteer to a FLAWLESS LAUNCH by identifying risk and documenting mitigation plans to reduce risk.


Note: The minimum software requirement to utilize MAPP is MS Excel 2007.

North America Indirect Material and M&E Related Purchase Order Clauses

Certificate of Gage Inspection

North America Direct Material Related Purchase Order Clauses

Europe Direct Material Related Purchase Order Clause