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Global EPS Milestones: Steering Tech Leadership Touches Millions of Lives

December 13, 2023

As a global steering leader, we’re excited to celebrate a significant production milestone of 100 million electric power steering (EPS) systems globally! Just think about that… Nexteer’s steering technology touches the lives of 100 million drivers (plus their passengers) and delivers safety, fuel efficiency and performance every – single – day!

This tremendous accomplishment reinforces our global EPS leadership and is a testament to more than 60 OEM customers from around the world choosing Nexteer’s steering technologies.

Over the course of 2023, our team also achieved several other EPS production milestones locally, including:

Thank you to our entire One Nexteer team for your continued dedication to quality and relentless innovation in developing and producing these safety-critical systems that help keep our loved ones and millions around the world safe! These accomplishments are a true testament to our team’s commitment to make tomorrow better than today!

What is Electric Power Steering (EPS)?

Nexteer’s EPS systems provide advanced safety and performance along with precise, predictable feel of the road. In essence, EPS acts as the ‘heart’ of the vehicle’s personality and performance by giving the driver control and feel of the road.

 EPS uses an electric motor to assist driver steering. Hardware and software are developed concurrently and work seamlessly together to connect the driver with the road – accounting for driving dynamics and the operating environment. This ‘connection to the road’ provides the driver an experience consistent with the vehicle’s brand (such as luxury, sport, etc.), while also giving important safety cues regarding the type of road surface the driver is traveling on (such as icy, gravel, etc.).

EPS is also a key ADAS feature enabler. EPS translates data from the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) into precise mechanical steering functions. Many Nexteer EPS-enabled ADAS features are already on the road today such as park assist, lane keeping, lane departure warning, traffic jam assist and more.

Nexteer’s EPS Systems On the Road

Today, Nexteer is the number one EPS supplier in North America and number three globally. Our EPS systems are currently featured in eight out of 10 full-size trucks in North America and two out of five small cars in Europe.

Nexteer’s EPS systems can be found on vehicles around the world such as the GMC Hummer EV, Ford F150 & F150 Lightning EV, Ford Bronco, RAM 1500, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Peugeot 208, Jeep Avenger, Chevrolet Silverado, Cadillac Escalade, Zeekr 001 EV, BMW 1-Series, BYD Song Pro/Song Plus, GAC Aion S/Y, Chery Tiggo 8 PHEV and more.

Steering Solutions for All Vehicles

Our EPS systems, including REPS, CEPS, dual pinion-assist EPS and single pinion-assist EPS can steer vehicles of all sizes – from small cars to heavy-duty trucks and light commercial vehicles. Nexteer also offers High Output, High Availability and Modular options for its EPS systems. High Output EPS increases steering capacity to allow heavier vehicles, such as EVs, to take advantage of EPS’s safety, comfort and fuel economy benefits. High Availability EPS ensures the steering safety net is always on through intelligently optimized software designed for simultaneous, multi-path processing and hardware redundancies. Modular EPS leverages a cost-effective platform design with flexibility to meet OEMs’ wide-ranging requirements for advanced steering systems.

EPS technology also serves as the foundation for the future of steering: Steer-by-Wire (SbW) – which enables advanced features and functionality not possible with traditional steering systems. SbW replaces the mechanical steering connection between the hand wheel and road wheels with algorithms, electronics and actuators. It also enables new possibilities for vehicle light-weighting and packaging flexibility in a new generation of vehicles, along with driver comfort, safety and performance features, such as variable steering ratiosstowable steering columns and Quiet Wheel™ steering.

Our wide range of steering solutions are solving OEM challenges across megatrends like electrification, software, connectivity, automated driving and shared mobility. We are committed to continuously collaborating with our customers to deliver industry-leading steering solutions that provide advanced safety, performance and convenience for millions of drivers around the world.

Kevin Weber
Kevin Weber is Nexteer’s Global Steering Product Line Executive Director. He oversees the Product Line Strategy for all Nexteer steering products, including CIS, HPS, REPS, SbW, PowerPacks, PEPS and CEPS.