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Electric Power Steering

Nexteer Automotive’s Column Assist EPS integrates the system electronics (motor, controller and sensor) and the assist mechanism with the steering column.

Brush & Brushless Motors

To meet the customers’ needs in all markets and applications, Nexteer’s Column Assist EPS offers both brush and brushless motors.

Brush Column Assist EPS for entry-level vehicles and emerging markets

  • Brush Column Assist EPS: 30 – 55Nm Assist

Brushless Column Assist EPS for premium applications

  • Brushless Column Assist EPS: 40 – 60Nm Assist
  • Brushless Column Assist EPS: 61 – 75Nm Assist
  • Brushless Column Assist EPS: 76 – 100Nm Assist*

*Our Column Assist EPS can be a strategic alternative for customers who need a cost-saving steering solution for a heavier vehicle.