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Explore insightful articles about a variety of topics impacting the automotive industry today – from megatrends influencing future mobility to innovative solutions for advanced safety and performance to corporate sustainability initiatives and more. Discover how our global One Nexteer team is accelerating mobility to be safe, green and exciting.
Assisted & AD Enablers, Electrification, Innovation, New Mobility

Nexteer’s Portfolio-to-Megatrend Alignment: Enabling the Future of Mobility

The topic of future mobility consistently dominates news alongside how this quickly shifting landscape impacts the movement of people and goods. Much ...

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Electrification, Innovation, New Mobility, Software

Steer-by-Wire: Enables Next-Level Connectivity from Wheel-to-Wheel

SbW replaces the physical connection between the steering wheel and the road-wheels with algorithms, electronics and actuators. The resulting system u...

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Electrification, Innovation, New Mobility

How Driveline Technologies Enhance Your Driving Experience

Our driveline solutions enhance driver comfort and control by enhancing vehicle handling and optimizing driveline performance on front wheel, rear whe...

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Electrification, Innovation

Advanced Steering and Driveline Technologies for Electrified Trucks

At Nexteer, we’re proud to have a proven track record of innovations specifically tailored for the truck segment, steering 9 of 10 trucks in North A...

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Assisted & AD Enablers, Electrification, Innovation, New Mobility, Safety

How Award-Winning SbW + Stowable Column Will Transform Future Mobility

Nexteer’s award-winning technology combination of Steer-by-Wire (SbW) with Stowable Steering Column reinvents the “behind-the-wheel” experience ...

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High-Output Steering Systems Capable of Handling Heavy Loads

As we move toward a world in which more vehicles plug in instead of fill up, technology in the entire vehicle will have to evolve – not just the com...

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