High-Output EPS

Nexteer’s High-Output Electric Power Steering (HO EPS) allows heavier vehicles to take advantage of EPS’s advanced safety, comfort and fuel economy benefits without compromising the vehicle brand’s steering feel.

HO EPS is designed to handle the higher front-axle loads common in heavy EVs, while also optimizing packaging space for added flexibility.

HO EPS may also open a new conversion wave of hydraulic-to-electric power steering for heavy-duty trucks and medium-duty commercial vehicles. Driver benefits include improved fuel economy, EPS-enabled safety features such as lane keeping, wind compensation, park assist and more.

HO EPS Configurations

Our high-output options for Dual Pinion-Assist EPS (DPEPS) and Single Pinion-Assist EPS (SPEPS) systems increase the steering capability by 12 to 20% – up to 14.5 kilonewtons (kN) for DPEPS and up to 12.5kN for SPEPS.

These high-output solutions benefit OEM customers by enabling them to steer heavier EV loads in B through D segment vehicles without the need to move up to more premium EPS technologies that are traditionally employed for larger segment vehicles.

Nexteer also offers a High-Output Rack-Assist EPS (REPS) solution that nearly doubles the steering load capability of our industry-leading REPS – steering up to 24kN of load compared with 10-17kN for a typical REPS system. This system is capable of steering electric variations of heavy vehicles such as full-size pick-up trucks, people movers and light-commercial vehicles (LCVs) like delivery vans.

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