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Road Surface Detection

Enables the vehicle to “feel” the road by collecting and interpreting road friction data in real-time with unprecedented accuracy and availability

Our Road Surface Detection Software, which is in collaboration with Tactile Mobility, enhances safety, performance and comfort by fusing near real-time road friction data for ADAS and vehicle control.

This software solution can reside in existing vehicles’ ECUs – meaning no hardware sensors for direct measurement of road friction are necessary.

Benefits of This Software Solution Include:

  • Provides insights in all road classes – from urban to freeway
  • Generates data in almost any driving condition, speed & excitation
  •  Feeds creation of highly updated maps using crowd sourcing
  • Increases vehicle safety & extends virtual line-of-sight
  • Applies to all levels of driving from hands-on to fully autonomous driving – enhancing redundancies/safety
    & giving the vehicle a sense of “feel” with or without a human driver in the loop
  • Combines physical modeling & Machine Learning to generate unique “virtual” sensors
  • Not influenced by visual interruptions such as fog, heavy rain, field of view, etc.

Our Road Surface Detection Software was recognized as a 2022 Automotive News PACEpilot Finalist.