Vehicle-level Thinking & Systems Integration:

It’s in Our DNA


In 2010, our company was reborn with the name of “Nexteer” – carrying with it more than 100 years of automotive heritage.

Since our inception, Nexteer has created a recent history of profitable growth and industry leadership. We have grown our footprint – opening new plants in China, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Morocco and expanding our technical capabilities within new technical and software centers in Poland, China, and India.

We have also showcased our commitment to relentless innovation – from launching the first full-size truck REPS system in 2011 to unveiling our suite of advanced steering technology in 2018 to being named a 2021 Automotive News PACEpilot Innovation to Watch for our Steer-by-Wire with Stowable Steering Column and more. Over the years and across global markets, Nexteer’s leadership in technology and other areas have garnered many awards.

Looking ahead, Nexteer remains highly focused on aligning with industry megatrends and realizing our vision to be the global leading motion control technology company accelerating mobility to be safe, green and exciting.

Our Journey as a 110+ Year-Old Company

· 1906 – Jackson, Church & Wilcox Co. is established in Saginaw, MI.

· 1909 – Buick Motor Car Co. purchases Jackson, Church & Wilcox Co. Buick then joins the new General Motors Co.

· 1917 – General Motors realigns the Saginaw plants to become Jackson, Church & Wilcox Division of General Motors Corp.

· 1919 – The company name is changed to the Saginaw Products Company, a Division of General Motors Corporation.

· 1928 – GM divides the Saginaw Products Company into 4 self-sustaining divisions. Steering systems are designed & manufactured at the new Saginaw Steering Gear Division of GM.

· 1985 – Saginaw Steering Gear Division is changed to Saginaw Division to better reflect our broad range of products offered to the automotive industry.

· 1995 – Saginaw Division becomes a separate business unit of GM, referred to as Delphi Automotive Systems – A Division of GM.

· 1999 – Delphi becomes an independent company.

· 2010 – GM announces agreement on the sale of Nexteer Automotive to Pacific Century Motors (PCM). PCM transitions to AVIC.

· 2013 – Nexteer Automotive completes Initial Public Offerings in Hong Kong (HK:1316).

· 2014 – Nexteer Automotive completes $250M bond offering.

· 2017 – Nexteer Automotive & Continental AG announce CNXMotion, a joint venture advancement of motion control systems & actuator components for automated driving.

· 2020 – Nexteer Automotive celebrates 10-year anniversary

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