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Vehicle Health Management

Enhances real-time safety, performance & convenience

Nexteer’s software and technologies play a role in the future of integrated vehicle health management.

For example, our Tire Health & Parameter Detection Software, in collaboration with Tactile Mobility, utilizes smart tire virtual sensors (no hardware required) to allow the monitoring of tire condition and tire/road condition fit automatically.

Tire wear, aging and mismatch require periodic monitoring, but most drivers fail to monitor. Thus, this software can help move the industry from inaccurate predictive algorithms to accurate ongoing measurement. It provides valuable big data insight on tires in real-life scenarios through their lifecycle.

Benefits include:

  • OEMs & Consumers: Enhances safety, performance & maintenance convenience
  • Tire Manufacturers: Enhances understanding of long-term wear & tear
  • Fleet Managers: Reduces expenses & increases vehicle availability
  • Insurance Providers: Reduces risk, injuries & costs