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Enhances driver safety through an additional layer of directional control

Steer-by-Brake (SbB) is a software solution that provides another safety-layer that uses the vehicle’s electronic brakes to steer the vehicle while also controlling its speed.

SbB works by activating brakes to cause the vehicle to yaw and follow the curvature commanded by the vehicle trajectory planner. SbB also continuously monitors the forward-looking path to determine the vehicle’s ability to meet the upcoming curvature route. If the vehicle is unable to meet a commanded path, SbB performs an alternative safety maneuver.

SbB has broad applications – covering all vehicles with EPS and Steer-by-Wire, as well as ADAS Levels 0-5 (traditional hands-on driving to fully autonomous).

It is a cost-effective approach to advanced safety because no additional hardware is required. Rather, it leverages existing steering, braking and powertrain systems.

SbB was recognized as an Automotive News PACEpilot 2021 Innovation to Watch.