Provides a cost-effective, scalable & flexible electric power steering (EPS) option

Nexteer’s Modular Column-Assist EPS (mCEPS) offers a cost-efficient, modular platform design that achieves scalability for Nexteer and flexibility to meet a wide range of OEMs’ requirements.

mCEPS also improves drivers’ connection to the road through high-performance torque and rotation angle sensors.

We offer several mCEPS variations, including:

· Standard: Supports Level 2 ADAS functions, cost-efficient design, integrated power pack & three options of torque assist
· Enhanced: Supports Level 2 ADAS functions with two options of torque assist & an enhanced controller & assist mechanism
· Pro: Supports Levels 2 – 5 ADAS/AD functions, over-the-air (OTA) updates & enhanced cybersecurity requirements that come with higher levels of connectivity