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Nexteer technologies like electric power steering, Steer-by-Wire and stowable steering column enable greater safety, comfort and convenience across all SAE ADAS levels – from traditional hands-on driving to fully automated vehicles with no driver.


Nexteer’s Solutions

Assisted and autonomous driving require high levels of redundancy to ensure the safety net is always on. Through advanced motion control software and technologies, Nexteer enables greater safety, comfort and convenience across all SAE ADAS levels.

Here are some of our advanced technologies that support ADAS & Automated Driving:

· Electric Power Steering: Key enabler of driver-assist features that increase safety via lane-keeping, park-assist, trailer-assist, wind compensation and more.

· Steer-by-Wire: Enables greater levels of safety and performance for all driving scenarios – whether the driver is in or out of the loop. SbW can enhance stability control, shorten braking distances and enable Quiet Wheel™ Steering. It’s also a preferred enabler for Automatic Emergency Steering – a game-changing safety feature.

· Stowable Steering Column: Increases convenience by allowing the steering wheel to be retracted into the dash and away from the driver. This opens a new world of cockpit design options and changes how drivers can use their vehicles when parked or in fully autonomous mode.