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Nexteer Reports Strong Performance in 2017 Financial Results

Nexteer announced financial performance for 2017 with Revenue increasing by 1%, Operating Profit increasing by 3.1%, and Net Profit increasing by 19.4% when compared with 2016. Nexteer also generated significant cash flow in 2017 providing a strong balance sheet to […]

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Nexteer Automotive Announces New Production Facility in Morocco

A Strategic Footprint Expansion to Drive Operating Efficiencies and Enhance Customer Responsiveness                                                          […]

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Nexteer Automotive Returns in 2018 with Richard Childress Racing

The Leader in Intuitive Motion Control returns for the third year of its partnership with RCR; will be featured as primary partner for multiple races with Matt Tifft and the No. 2 Chevrolet Camaro in 2018 NASCAR XFINITY Series

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Electric Power Steering+

Rack Assist Electric Power Steering Download
Single Pinion Assist Electric Power Steering. Download
Manual Gear Column Assist Electric Power Steering Download
Column Assist Electric Power Steering Download

Steering Columns+

Adaptive Energy Absorption on Manual Adjustable Steering Column Download
Power Rake & Telescope Column Download
Power Adjustable Steering Column Download
One Touch Column Download
Non Adjustable Column Download
Manual Rake & Telescope Column Download
Low Mass I-Shaft Download


Ball Spline Axle Download
Welded Tubular Axle Download
Solid Axle Download
Monobloc Tubular Axle Download
Rzeppa Download
Undercut Free Download
8 Ball Rzeppa Download
CrossGlide Welded Tubular Axle Download
Needleless Tripot Solid-Axle Download
Enhanced Tripot Solid-Axle Rzeppa Download
Standard Tripot Solid-Axle Rzeppa Download
Standard TriGlide Monobloc Tubular Axle Rzeppa Download
Enhanced Triglide Solid-Axle Undercut Free Download
Integral IDS Solid-Axle Rzeppa Download
Undercut-Free Ball-Spline Axle Undercut-Free Download
Enhanced TriGlide Download
Integral IDS Download
Double Offset Download
Cross Groove Download
CrossGlide Download
Needleless Tripot Download
Heavy Duty Tripot Download
Enhanced Tripot Download
Standard Tripot Download

Hydraulic Power Steering+

HPS System Download
CBR Pump with Smart Flow Download
CBR Pump with Smart Flow Reservoir Download
RCB Gear with Magnasteer™ Torque Overlay Download
Magnasteer™ Torque Overlay Cartridge Download

ADAS and Automated Driving+

Nexteer’s Steer-by-Wire Download
Quiet Wheel™ Steering Download
Steering on Demand™ System Download

Videos & Animations

We Are Nexteer
Nexteer's Steer-by-Wire Technology
Nexteer Magnasteer™ Torque Overlay
Nexteer Driveline
Nexteer Steering Columns & Intermediate Shafts
Nexteer EPS
Nexteer Intuitive Motion Control
Nexteer Saginaw Test Track
Nexteer and RCR Shared Winning Formula
3 Solutions for Autonomous Driving
A Day in the Life with Steering on Demand™ System & Quiet Wheel™ Steering
CHINESE SUB-TITILES: A Day in the Life with Steering on Demand™ System & Quiet Wheel™ Steering
What Does One Nexteer
EPS Product Range
Nexteer Timelapse
Nexteer-Continental JV Announcement

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Guiban Zhao Download
Mike Richardson Download
Yi Fan Download
Xiaobo Wang Download
Hing Lun Tsang Download
Jianjun Liu Download
Kevin Cheng Wei Download
Tao Liu Download
William Quigley Download
Dennis Hoeg Download
Herve Boyer Download
Jesse Kalkman Download
Peter Ziparo Download