Nexteer in the News

How Software-Defined Vehicles Will Get Their Feel Back

Motor Trend “Nexteer and Tactile Mobility’s clever repurposing of existing sensors lets cars measure road-surface friction and tire wear.” Read Story

Nexteer, Tactile Mobility partner to help cars detect road conditions

Automotive News “Software developed by Nexteer and Tactile Mobility allows vehicles to detect hazardous road conditions, and even the health of a tire.” Read Story

Nexteer, Tactile Mobility Say Traction Tech a Must-Have for Future Safety

Wards Intelligence “The TM technology uses crowd-sourced data - Pairing it with Nexteer’s EPS systems is increasing its chances for widespread deployment.” Read Story

Nexteer crafts new ways to steer clear of cyberattacks

Automotive News “In simpler times, vehicle steering was based on hydraulics, and Nexteer Automotive was known as Saginaw Steering, the in-house supplier to...” Read Story

Autoline Daily: Top Industry News for June 22

Autoline “Amazon Interested in AV Trucking, Audi’s New Torque Splitter, and Hyundai Venue Fits Cheap Car Mold ...” Read Story

Innovative Technologies that Solve Unique Needs of Electric Vehicles & Full-Size Trucks

AutoTech Outlook “In recent years, the automotive industry has experienced a magnitude of change that has not been seen in over a century.” Read Story