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Intermediate Shafts

Low Mass Intermediate Shafts (I-Shafts)

Our Low Mass Intermediate Shafts (I-shafts) provide a mechanical link from the steering column to the steering gear at various joint angles up to 41 degrees with low rotational friction.

Sliding Joint

Our Sliding Joint isolates steering wheel feedback due to dynamic front-end suspension movement. It offers higher torsional rates over traditional slip joints with improved noise characteristics and durability performance. This joint can be used in vehicles that require the intermediate shaft to stroke while maintaining torsional performance.

Constant-Velocity Joint

Our Constant Velocity High-Angle Joint provides a mechanical link from the steering column to the steering gear at joint angles up to 68 degrees.

  • Market-leading high-angle joint up to 68 degrees
  • Booted for protection from the environment
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Low torsional lash
  • High-temperature capability

EPS Intermediate Shaft

Our Electric Power Steering (EPS) I-Shaft is capable of meeting the high output requirements of the Column-Assist EPS – 97Nm system.

Available product characteristics include:

  • Cold formed spider for better control of tolerances
  • Full complement bearings to carry high load applications
  • Forged/cold formed yokes for superior strength over stamped yokes
  • High-stiffness I-shaft with rolling element for low sliding forces
  • Telescoping joints including:
    • Friction Slider
    • Third Pinch Bolt with Energy Absorption
    • Rolling Element