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Why Nexteer?

5 Things to Know About Nexteer

& What It Means to You

1. Relentless Innovation

Faster-to-market product development cycles via quick, iterative design approach

Access to a cross-functional, advanced technology team

Time and cost-efficiencies via smart capitalization on Nexteer’s in-house technologies and building blocks supporting mobility megatrends

2. Global Manufacturing Footprint & Prowess

A high-quality, proven manufacturing partner for safety-critical systems…in every market where you need to be

3. In-House Ownership of R&D, Design, Testing & Manufacturing

4. Experienced Systems Integrators

Seamless integration: “Vehicle-level thinking” is in our DNA

5. Depth & Breadth of Products & Technology

Steering & Driveline Systems, as well as Software solutions for small cars to heavy duty trucks around the globe.