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All Nexteer software solutions start with proven, high-quality safety and cybersecurity. Our Global Software Team develops advanced steering features with speed, flexibility and seamless integration.

Beyond steering software, we also offer software products that enhance safety, performance and convenience, such as Road Surface Detection, Vehicle Health Management and more.


Nexteer’s Solutions

The evolution from hardware to software-defined vehicles is leading to a revolution in advanced safety, performance and convenience.

Advanced Steering Software
Nexteer’s steering software enables advanced safety and performance features across all ADAS levels – from optimizing steering assist and feel, to enabling low FIT levels and ADAS features such as park assist, lane keeping and more.

As experts in steering feel, our software gives drivers an immersive steering experience that makes the vehicle come to life in the driver’s hands. From sporty to luxury, our software translates a vehicle’s brand into something a driver can actually feel.

V2X Connectivity, OTA Updates & Crowd-Sourcing
V2X connectivity, over-the-air updates and crowd-sourcing applications will also extend innovation over the lifetime of a vehicle through new, real-time safety features, remote updates and cloud connectivity.

For example, our collaboration with Tactile Mobility focuses on both proactive and preventative safety. On the proactive front, our road surface detection software identifies slippery surfaces and gives a “heads-up” communication to trailing vehicles. On the preventative front, the software monitors vehicle health – such as tire wear – to ensure safety, performance and convenient maintenance scheduling.

Across the megatrends, a common safety requirement underpins them all – cybersecurity. Nexteer has proactively developed cybersecurity solutions with our OEM customers, to ensure that steering systems are safe and protected.