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Nexteer’s advanced motion control solutions enable built-in redundancies and higher durability to support autonomous people movers, last mile delivery vehicles and more.

The extra safety layers and durability are especially important in these applications without a human driver, or when the vehicle is running many more hours than typical run times.

Nexteer’s Solutions

Shared mobility is closely connected with other trends like Automated Driving, Connectivity and Electrification – such as with people movers and geo-fenced last mile delivery vehicles.

Here are some of our advanced technologies that support Shared Mobility:

· Automated Steering Actuator: Offers a single steering solution that solves challenges for shared, autonomous and electric people mover vehicles – including those without a steering wheel or driver. It enables higher vehicle speeds, higher steering loads and higher safety and durability requirements.

· Steer-by-Wire & High Availability EPS: Enable safety-critical steering redundancy in shared mobility applications. They do this through simultaneous, multi-path processing software AND dual hardware components.

· Advanced Halfshaft Technologies: Ideal for heavily driven, shared mobility vehicles because of their increased durability, efficiency and NVH performance. They provide a smooth ride, while limiting disturbances for drivers and passengers.