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On the Steering front, Nexteer offers advanced steering technologies that are capable of handling EVs’ heavier load requirements, plus packaging and NVH needs.

On the Driveline front, we also offer optimized solutions with compact, low mass halfshafts and high efficiency and premium joints that enhance NVH performance in quiet EVs, extend battery life while also maximizing torque at 0 mph/kmph.


Heavier Steering Loads: EVs require heavier steering loads due to heavy batteries. Nexteer’s underhood and High Output EPS systems – like SbW, Rack-Assist EPS, Dual Pinion-Assist EPS and Single Pinion-Assist EPS – tackle steering for heavier EVs and enhance safety and performance.

Packaging Challenges: EVs also present packaging challenges due to large battery packs. Nexteer’s advanced technologies like Steer-by-Wire, fully cylindrical power packs and high-angle intermediate shafts enable greater packaging flexibility.

NVH Requirements: EVs are extremely quiet and don’t mask sounds like ICE vehicles. We focus on premium acoustic and vibration performance in steering and driveline. Plus, our driveline products – like high efficiency joints and lightweight axles – have an added bonus of extending battery life.

Convergence of Electrification & Autonomy: Nexteer is exploring motion control solutions for autonomous people movers and last mile delivery vehicles with our Automated Steering Actuator, advanced software solutions and other technologies in development.