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Inventory Views


Within the each application you will notice a List tab which lists all records that have been submitted by/to your location. This will allow you view records to your location even though you may not have an outstanding action. From this tab you can see a summary of all records, search, open and view the detailed information. Follow the steps below to locate a Cost Recovery case in the system

  1. Start by selecting the Application you want to view info for from your Applications Dropdown.application_list
  2. Once the application loads select the List tab. This will display an inventory page listing all existing application records.inventory_gird
  3. From this page you will be able to search and sort by any column on the view.
    1. To Search, type a key word into any of the column fields directly below the header column name. Then press enter on your keyboard to apply the filter.list_filter
    2. To Sort, select the header name. This will display an arrow to the right of the heard name. Select that arrow to indicate if you would like to sort ascending or descending.list_sort
  4. Once you have located record that you would like to view, simply click on the record number/id to view more details.