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C-TPAT Instructions

Accessing C-TPAT Questionnaire:

  1. Login to Intelex (
  2. Access the Supplier 360 App (Click the red box dropdown arrow, scroll down to Supplier 360)
  3. The Supplier location(s) will be displayed, click the location’s DUNS number (Record ID)
  4. Once in the Supplier’s profile, scroll down to the “C-TPAT” section 
  5. The Acknowledgment will be listed as “False” when the C-TPAT Questionnaire still needs to be completed
    • Click the Pencil icon next to False
    • Answer the Required questions as they appear
    • Each response will generate a new question that will need to be answered until completed
    • Once all of the questions have been answered, you must acknowledge your understanding of Nexteer Automotive’s commitment to C-TPAT
    • Please click the “Submit Questionnaire” button to complete the Questionnaire
  6. The Acknowledgment will now be listed as “True” once the C-TPAT Questionnaire has been completed