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Smart Flow

SmartFlow increases hydraulic power steering (HPS) operating efficiency and fuel efficiency by reducing parasitic loss on the engine. It can be combined with MAGNASTEER™ Torque Overlay for an optimized HPS experience.

SmartFlow reduces flow by 30% during straight-ahead driving, which creates a 50% drop in pressure. That flow and pressure increases when there is a brake or steering demand at any RPM. This reduction in parasitic loss can translate into as much as a 40% drop in energy consumption.

With SmartFlow, you get

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Minimized investment costs – No retooling or variable displacement technology needed
  • “Drop-in” capability means no vehicle packaging changes
  • Easier maintenance of steering performance
  • Improved warranty performance thanks to a lower operating temperature
  • Improved NVH performance and driver comfort