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Power Steering Pumps & Reservoirs

Nexteer’s power steering pumps are designed for most car and light-duty truck applications. Power steering pumps are available in displacements from 6.8 cc/rev. to 20 cc/rev.

Nexteer pumps are designed to operate at speeds of 10,000 rpm and belt loads up to 2000N. Improved fuel efficiency can be achieved with variable-flow devices.

Flexible package configurations are available, including pulleys, hubs and customer-specific brackets. Pump mounting configurations include:

  • Radial mounts
  • Tangential mounts
  • Left- or right-hand discharge
  • Integral or remote reservoirs
  • Various inlet tube options

Patented, high-flow capabilities are also available to support the flows required for engine cooling or anti-roll systems.

Power Steering Reservoirs

Nexteer Automotive offers lightweight reservoirs that include patented, state-of-the-art internal baffle designs, providing premium NVH performance. Design options include either pressurized or non-pressurized caps. Reservoirs are package-optimized to customer specifications.