Electronics, Modules, & Sub-assemblies


Nexteer Automotive’s actuators provide column position actuation with low audible and electrical noise. Integrated packaging design – with steering column and optional controller, including memory and communication functions- is available.

Column Electronic Assembly

The Column Electronics Module integrates the individual column electronics into a central module on the column. Flexible design allows for vehicle content customization and configuration to accommodate vehicle brand character (e.g., ignition switch, dual stalk switches, sensors and steering wheel controls).

This result is a significant increase in steering wheel control capability, voice and data, without the cost of added wires through the SIR coil.

Lock Housings

Nexteer Automotive’s lock housings meet North American and European anti-theft requirements. The modular design integrates various contents, such as:

  • Shift mechanism
  • Multifunction, SIR coil, module
  • Anti-theft electronics module
  • Angle position sensor module
  • Column electric module
  • BTSI/EPL solenoids
  • Ignition switch
  • Key cylinder, lock, ECL module
  • Tilt mechanism, connections (power and manual)

We work closely with our customers to develop shift systems and use verification design tools including proprietary shift systems design software.

Outputs include:

  • Rotational angles
  • Shift effort
  • Travel
  • Mechanical advantage
  • Forces — magnitude and direction (for FEA)
  • System optimization
  • Rapid design changes and verification (axiomatic design, FEA, closeout boot design, shift lever design, dimensional stack analysis)