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ADAS & Automated Driving

Choose Nexteer’s ADAS & AD-Enabling Technologies for:


  • Motion control specialists in safety-critical solutions
  • Systems integration expertise at the vehicle level
  • Highly-skilled, cross-functional engineering teams
  • Ability to conceptualize and industrialize across the globe
  • Speed of invention, agility and customer responsiveness

Solving Motion Control Needs for Today’s World & An Automated Future

The Future of Motion Control is Here: At Nexteer, We are enhancing the future of mobility through intuitive motion control solutions that enable a new era of safety & performance.

Electric Power Steering is a Key ADAS Enabler

Simply put, our EPS system receives commands from the vehicle’s central computer and sensors. Then, the system translates this data into mechanical, steering functions.

Did you know that Nexteer’s EPS has been enabling ADAS features since 2007 – long before ADAS was a hot topic in the industry? Checkout the video to learn more.

In-House, ADAS & Automated Driving Building Blocks

EPS is a key ADAS enabler and one of many gateways to semi- and fully automated driving. Nexteer’s EPS systems share many of the same building blocks as ADAS as well as varying levels of automated driving.

Our vehicle-level integration expertise (software, mechanical and electrical) is the most important, foundational building block. Additional core building blocks include:

  • Power electronics
  • Motor design
  • Sensor design
  • Software algorithms
  • Closed loop servo control
  • Systems engineering
  • Safety critical product development

Many Nexteer EPS-enabled ADAS features are already on the road today and enhance drivers’ comfort, control and safety. These ADAS features include:

  • Park Assist
  • Lane Keeping
  • Lane Departure Warnings
  • Wheel Imbalance Rejection
  • Trailer Assist
  • Traffic Jam Assist
  • And many more…

Market Leading Cyber Security

As a supplier-partner for an OEM with the strictest cybersecurity requirements, Nexteer’s Electrical Architecture has become a market leader thanks to our software, hardware and systems integration know-how.

Today, our EPS systems already interface with other subsystems and support various ADAS features. During these interface functions, our system validates true steering commands (position and torque).

Additional benefits include:

  • Minimal-to-no cost impact on production
  • Multi-vehicle application
  • Black Box software integration


Nexteer’s innovative software solutions are tailored for customers’ unique and complex motion control needs.

As customers’ needs for advanced safety and performance features grow, so does the complexity of Nexteer’s integrated software solutions.

We are committed to developing innovative solutions with speed, flexibility and seamless vehicle integration through our team of global software experts.

Click here to learn more about our software capabilities.