Why Join Nexteer?

Join Elliot at Nexteer as an Industrial Engineer
Join Disha at Nexteer as a Software Engineer
Join Patrick at Nexteer as a Electrical Engineer
Join Courtney at Nexteer in a Business-related Role

 4 Reasons to Join Nexteer

1. Personalized Careers

Thanks to our in-house capabilities for the entire engineering process, you get unique opportunities for training, global cross-functional job opportunities and a career that’s tailored to your interests and strengths.

2. Make Green and Be Green

We offer competitive salary, benefits, vacation and tuition programs.

We create fuel-efficient technologies and value in an ethical, sustainable way. We also support local, environmental and STEM education around the world. Get involved!

3. Grow and Have Fun

You’ll gain broad experience quickly at Nexteer. You’ll also have fun and get connected through programs like the Early Career Network and continually grow through Nexteer University and so much more.

4. Work that Matters

Millions are touched everyday around the world by our technologies. We not only make driving safer, more fuel-efficient and fun, we’re also re-imagining the future of steering and personal mobility.