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Original Equipment Services and Aftermarket Products

Nexteer Automotive is uniquely positioned to provide its broad portfolio of steering systems, components and driveline products to original equipment (OE) services and aftermarket customers globally. Replacement service products are validated to the same “best in class” standards and specifications as those used on original equipment vehicles. These high standards are paramount in helping us to ensure the safety, reliability and serviceability of all our products. As an original equipment supplier, Nexteer Automotive also offers remanufactured products that meet or exceed warranty replacement specifications while providing exceptional value.

A variety of options are available to Nexteer Automotive customers seeking OE services or aftermarket solutions:

  • Final assemblies
  • Product kits (product kits are specifically designed and manufactured to enhance vehicle serviceability and efficiency)
  • Product components

Nexteer Automotive is a leader in product availability, performance and value, offering service products that accommodate over 60,000 vehicle applications.

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phone: +613 8561 3530