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Nexteer Automotive’s SunSteer™ brings unprecedented levels of reliability and efficiency to the alternative energy market.

The company utilized its industry leading automotive innovations and knowledge to design, engineer, test and manufacture SunSteer. We designed the solar actuator to significantly boost solar energy capture by accurately positioning solar arrays relative to the sun’s position throughout the daylight hours.

SunSteer’s design is focused on reliability, durability, functionality and efficiency.

Nexteer’s solar actuator is built in the U.S., at the company’s world headquarters and contains more than 90 percent U.S. content. SunSteer uses a precision built, high-efficiency ball screw/ball nut combination that provides operating efficiencies of 95 percent. This provides the ability to reliably move solar array loads with best-in-class energy consumption.

Additional SunSteer key features:

  • Under normal operating conditions, SunSteer will accurately track the sun’s position, with an energy cost of less than $2.00 per year.
  • High-performance coatings developed under extreme vehicle testing environments are used on SunSteer to reduce corrosion and provide performance of greater than 20 years in the field.
  • With positioning accuracy of less than one degree, SunSteer provides a highly cost effective solution to photovoltaic (PV), concentrated photovoltaic (CV) and concentrated solar power (CSP).
  • Using Nexteer’s advanced electronic power steering technology, SunSteer requires no hydraulic fluids and provides high mechanical load capabilities with no environment risk or impact.