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Steering Columns

From driver-focused convenience to customer-tailored solutions, Nexteer Automotive’s stable of steering column products combines versatility, multiple functionalities and advanced engineering to help automakers meet evolving consumer, regulatory and environmental requirements. Steering columns are designed to offer safety, fuel efficiency gains from lightweight materials and passenger comfort by eliminating road vibrations.

The steering column connects the driver to the vehicle in a way no other component does.

With the market shifting to modules and systems, as well as an increased use of electronics, Nexteer Automotive offers a suite of customer-focused steering column options that include:

  • Customizable selection of energy-absorbing load, distance and dynamics
  • A column airbag system for enhanced driver crash protection
  • Integration capabilities for switches, sensors and control functions
  • Anti-theft systems
  • Electronic column lock
  • Actuators, controllers and sensors


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Non-Adjustable Steering Columns

The Nexteer Automotive Non-Adjustable Steering Column is the foundation of the company’s industry-leading column line. With more than 100 million columns supplied to vehicle manufacturers around the world, Nexteer Automotive offers exceptional versatility, reliability and engineering support.



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Rake Adjustable Steering Columns

The Nexteer Automotive Rake and Telescope Column combines height-adjustment and telescoping options, allowing the driver to select the optimal steering wheel position. A single column-mounted lever is used to adjust the column height and steering wheel location along the column axis.




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Tilt-Adjustable Steering Columns

The Nexteer Automotive Tilt-Wheel Steering Column allows simple, quick steering wheel position adjustments. A column-mounted lever unlocks and locks the tilt mechanism so that the driver can move and lock the upper column and steering wheel in the desired position.





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Power Adjustable Steering Columns

Nexteer Automotive provides power-adjustable steering columns. Electrical power control of tilt and telescopic adjustments improves ease of driver entry, exit and comfort, and provides drivers with more wheel-position options.



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Active Energy-Absorbing Steering Column

The Nexteer Automotive Active Energy-Absorbing Steering Column uses a pyrotechnic actuator to optimize the energy absorbed during a collision to help improve driver protection. Suitable for cars, sport-utility vehicles and trucks, it adjusts the energy-absorption level based on various factors selected by the vehicle manufacturer.

The Nexteer Automotive Active Energy-Absorbing Steering Column is designed for a wide spectrum of drivers — from the 95th percentile large male through the fifth percentile small female. This range helps vehicle manufacturers meet proposed U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS 208) regulations. The column’s potential to help minimize driver injury could also help to improve a vehicle’s New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) rating for vehicles with four stars or less.


Power One-Touch Adjustability

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Power One-Touch Adjustability

The power one-touch column replaces a manual lever with one-touch button located within easy reach on the steering wheel. The driver simply presses and holds the button, while adjusting the column to meet individual preferences. The system improves natural frequency and static stiffness performance while improving crashworthiness by helping to ensure the column is fully locked in its intended position.




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Touch Control Electronic Transmission Shifter

The touch control shifter is an electronic shifter that signals the steering column-mounted actuator to pull or push a cable to shift the transmission. This minimizes the effect on the base vehicle while preserving cable actuation of the transmission. The system easily packages on the steering column and creates shift location flexibility.