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Hydraulic Power Steering

Hydraulic Power Steering

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Nexteer Automotive has a century-long track record of bringing new, high-value steering solutions to the market, including the first hydraulic power steering (HPS) system, launched in 1951. Since then, we’ve sold more than 100 million HPS systems worldwide and have pioneered advances like MAGNASTEERTM with Torque Overlay and Smart Flow.

Nexteer Automotive’s HPS systems are regarded among the industry’s best for improved handling, safety and efficiency.

Our wheel-to-wheel expertise has made Nexteer Automotive a recognized global leader in advanced technologies, premium steering feel, vehicle-tuned integration and flexibility.

Nexteer Automotive’s complete HPS system supply and vehicle integration offers customers:

  • Proven global leadership in the design and vehicle integration of HPS systems
  • Global engineering and manufacturing capability in North and South America, Europe and Asia
  • World-class noise and product validation testing facilities

Nexteer Automotive has modernized its HPS systems for compatibility with driver assist technologies and maximum fuel efficiency through the introduction of its MAGNASTEER™ with Torque Overlay (MTO) and Smart Flow systems.

MTO brings safety, comfort and driver assist technologies to vehicles beyond the traditional range of electric power steering. Torque Overlay, applied through software and existing hardware enhancements, can add or subtract torque to the steering system, independent of the driver, in either direction.

MTO-enabled features include:

  • Park Assist
  • Pull Compensation
  • Stability Control
  • Active Damping
  • Active Return to Center
  • Rough Road Feedback Reduction
  • Driver Alert Warnings

Smart Flow increases HPS operating efficiency and fuel efficiency by reducing parasitic loss on the engine. It can be combined with the MTO system for an optimized HPS experience.


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MAGNASTEER™ Variable-Effort Steering

Using a unique combination of hydraulics, electronics and magnetics, MAGNASTEER™ magnetic-assist steering from Nexteer Automotive has been engineered to provide the continuous speed-sensitive, variable-effort power steering necessary for today’s high-performance vehicles. Instead of using fluid restriction or hydraulic back-pressure, the MAGNASTEER™ system’s variable-effort steering is achieved through non-contact mechanization. This provides smooth power steering from one effort level to another.

Although sophisticated, the MAGNASTEER™ system has few moving parts, making it exceptionally reliable. At the heart of this Nexteer Automotive system is an electromagnetic device that acts in parallel with the input shaft from the steering wheel, changing the steering effort required to actuate the rotary valve. In turn, the valve applies hydraulic pressure when assistance is needed. The net result is a wide range of steering authority with smooth transition from one effort level to another.

This unique technology provides torque-overlay capabilities integrated within hydraulic steering system, enabling advanced steering and safety features such as automatic park assist, lane departure functionality and more. The MAGNASTEER™ system can be integrated on R&P or Recirculating Ball Gears.


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Rack & Pinion (R & P) Steering Gears

Nexteer Automotive manufactures both straight ratio and variable ratio rack & pinion steering gears ranging in size from 22 mm to 35 mm. These power-assist rack & pinion steering systems feature low friction and quick response. An open-center, rotary-type valve provides smooth operation throughout the steering range while retaining excellent road feel.


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Recirculating Ball (RCB) Steering Gears

The Nexteer Automotive Power Recirculating Ball Steering Gear provides directional control of a vehicle. An open-centered, rotary-type valve provides smooth operation throughout the steering range while retaining excellent road feel. The integral rack piston converts hydraulic pressure to a rotation force that moves the steering linkage left or right. The steering system and hydraulic fluid also act as a cushion to help absorb road shocks.


Power Steering Pumps

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Power Steering Pumps

Nexteer Automotive’s Power Steering Pumps are designed for most car and light-duty truck applications, power steering pumps are available in displacements from 6.8 cc/rev. to 20 cc/rev. Nexteer pumps are designed to operate at speeds of 10,000 rpm and belt loads up to 2000N. Improved fuel efficiency can be achieved with variable-flow devices or the optional VDA-complaint package.

Flexible package configurations are available, including pulleys, hubs and customer-specific brackets. Pump mounting configurations include:

  • Radial mounts
  • Tangential mounts
  • Left- or right-hand discharge
  • Integral or remote reservoirs
  • Various inlet tube options

Patented, high-flow capabilities are also available to support the flows required for engine cooling or anti-roll systems.


Power Steering Reservoirs

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Power Steering Reservoirs

Nexteer Automotive offers lightweight reservoirs that include patented, state-of-the-art internal baffle designs, providing premium noise and vibration performance. Design options include either pressurized or non-pressurized caps. Reservoirs are package-optimized to customer specifications.




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CB Pump with Direct Intake

The Nexteer Automotive CB Pump with Direct Intake was designed specifically for improved pump efficiency at higher pressures to achieve improved steering performance, noise reduction and fuel economy. Nexteer Automotive offers flexible configuration options including right- and left-hand discharge, standard and tangential mounts, and either an integral or remote reservoir.


High Flow Reservoir

Nexteer Automotive’s high flow reservoir technology allows the steering pump flow rate to be increased by as much as 500 percent. The increased flow rate is accomplished efficiently and without any increase in the noise output of the steering pump. The high flow reservoir is designed for systems with additional flow demands due to hydraulic engine cooling or active steering and suspension packages.


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Power Steering Hose Set

Nexteer Automotive has a longstanding reputation of expertise in power steering hoses and offers a wide range of products for bundled hoses, pressure hoses, return hoses, coolers and remote reservoir hoses. Its experience in hoses offers a unique advantage to customers, providing a total-system expertise that includes the entire power steering system (steering columns, intermediate shafts, pumps, gears and hoses).



Droop Flow Feature for Power Steering Pumps

Nexteer Automotive offers two cost-effective droop flow options for power steering pumps — pressure sensitive and non-pressure sensitive. Pressure-sensitive droop flow is a flow control device that operates according to power steering system pressure. At low engine speeds and when the fitting senses a pressure increase (e.g., steering wheel input), power steering flow increases, allowing reduced effort for turning and parking maneuvers. At highway speeds, flow drops or “droops” to a calibrated amount providing fuel economy savings. Non-pressure-sensitive droop flow is also a flow control device but is only dependent on engine speed — low speeds, high flow. As engine speed increases, flow droops to a calibrated amount, again providing fuel economy savings.