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Vehicle Evaluation Center

Vehicle Evaluation Center

Nexteer’s Vehicle Evaluation Center (VEC) puts us right on track testing today’s products and tomorrow’s innovations.  The convenient, on-site vehicle road testing enhances product development.  The VEC offers a safe, consistent, and controlled environment for vehicle durability and reliability testing, data acquisition, design development, audit and diagnostic testing, product demonstrations, competitive analysis, and general vehicle evaluations.

Vehicle, system, and component data acquired at the VEC allows Nexteer engineers to create laboratory test stand conditions for vehicle correlated development, verification, and validation testing.

Through the wide variety of surfaces and steering situations, Nexteer can develop high quality prototypes and products for our customers.  This range of testing also puts our customers on track – by providing an opportunity to observe our products on their vehicles under a variety of road surfaces and conditions.

Four major test areas include:

  • Multiple road surfaces
  • Concentrated steering
  • Ride and loop handling
  • Straight-away course

In 2011, the VEC underwent a significant investment of more than a half million dollars to add the latest aggressive road surfaces that our customers are using to validate the noise and vibration performance of their vehicles. This includes 475 foot long lanes of cobblestone and fieldstone surfaces, along with an 80 foot diameter fieldstone circular pad.