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Research and Development

Research and Development

R&D Overview
Nexteer Automotive is committed to bringing the most advanced, fuel-efficient, safe and responsive steering solutions to market. To accomplish this, we are committed to results-driven research and development initiatives.

Processes like Lean Design Methodology (LDM) and other lean initiatives are proven to:

  • Realize greater efficiency
  • Respond more quickly to customer needs and competitive pressures
  • Lower costs
  • Provide higher quality
  • Improve profitability

Lean Design Methodology
Nexteer Automotive’s Lean Design Methodology (LDM) takes the proven principles of lean from the factory floor to the product development process.

We are a leader in developing best practices for documenting our design processes and techniques, supported by repeated testing until we see proven improvements in production.  With standardized design processes and high-quality MCAD data, we improve product cost and delivery.

This approach eliminates a common problem in traditional CAD departments, where up to 50 percent of design and engineering time can be spent in rework.   Moreover, our standardized system with advanced interoperability encourages effective collaboration.

At Nexteer, we defined the standard for Lean Design Methodology.  All Nexteer Automotive designers and engineers are skilled in LDM, giving our customers a tremendous advantage including:

  • Dramatic productivity and efficiency increases
  • Improved collaboration of global design teams, resulting in improved products and faster response times
  • Cost saving in the millions

LDM consists of both product design and manufacturing process design methodologies. This process, which goes beyond software applications. enables instant, controlled propagation of design changes throughout the global enterprise, supporting a “lean” approach to product design and a highly efficient change-management process.

Accelerating Design Cycles and Reducing Waste in Product Development
Actual time studies have shown that Nexteer Automotive’s Lean Design Methodology delivers industry-leading productivity improvements.

For example, in typical product development scenarios customers may experience:

  • 50 percent reduction in time needed to create product design and manufacturing process models
  • 65 percent reduction in time spent editing models
  • 75 percent reduction in total project time
  • 100 percent reusable designs in downstream applications
  • 50 percent reduction in staff and resource requirements

Other advantages:

  • Supports lean design and Six Sigma quality manufacturing practices
  • Optimizes use of CAD licenses and workstations
  • Accelerates time to market through the integration of design and production