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Propeller Shaft Joints

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Nexteer Automotive’s propeller shaft joints are an integral part of the complete propshaft assembly, which transmits torque from the transmission or transfer case to the front and rear axles. Propeller shaft joints can be used in high-speed (up to 6,000 RPM) applications that require constant velocity through all angles. The joint can be engineered to accommodate either fixed or stroking requirements in the driveline as well as address vehicle interface and packaging requirements through a variety of connections.

With its low rotational lash, and no internally generated axial forces, the cross-groove joint is an ideal choice for propshaft applications. The joint’s short length results in relative mass efficiency and reduced packaging. The design also makes it easy to assemble and service the propeller shaft. Cross-groove joints for propeller shafts are manufactured to precise tolerances and are lubricated with specially formulated greases to ensure optimum high-speed performance and outstanding NVH characteristics.

Propeller shaft joints are configured with steel retaining cans and rolling diaphragm boots to ensure high-speed stability of the sealing system. High-temperature boot materials are available to ensure stable operation in environments up to 150 degrees Celsius.