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Intermediate Drive Halfshafts

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Nexteer Automotive designs and manufactures intermediate drive shafts (IDS) to work in conjunction with the halfshaft to improve vehicle handling, and eliminate driveline disturbance issues on front-wheel-drive vehicles with offset transmissions and higher torque and running angles.

Use of the IDS on the “long” side allows the halfshafts to be equal length. The resulting equal joint angles between right-hand and left-hand halfshafts reduce torque steer in vehicles with this architecture, thus improving the overall comfort of the customer and allow more packaging flexibility. IDS is offered in both solid and hollow configurations, including the intergration of the IDS and CV joint.

Nexteer Automotive’s vehicle integration expertise extends to packaging and mounting the IDS within the driveline system. Nexteer Automotive will also identify the proper bearings and brackets depending on the mass and technical requirements of the vehicle.