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Front Wheel Drive Joint Options

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Fixed-Center Joints

Nexteer Automotive utilizes the industry-standard Rzeppa joint for the wheel-side joint on both front-wheel and when applicable, rear-wheel-drive vehicles. This joint has been customized by Nexteer Automotive to operate at angles of up to 46 degrees, while optimizing the strength-to-weight ratio and enhancing the efficiency and long-term durability of this critical component. For vehicle applications requiring operating angles of up to 53 degrees, Nexteer Automotive has developed a family of high-angle CV joints. These joints are capable of high-angle operation with torsional strength at an angle comparable to or exceeding that of a standard Rzeppa joint.

Connections to the wheel hub can be customized to meet the requirements of the particular vehicle wheel hub design and to accommodate various interface and packaging requirements. These joints can accept an antilock braking system sensor ring.

When compared to similar joints, Nexteer Automotive’s fixed-center joints offer high-angle operation for improved steering radius and suspension travel specifications. Their low rotational lash helps reduce noise, vibration and harshness within the driveline system, thus providing a smoother driving experience. They are available in a wide range of torque capacities, which provides easy optimization of joint package size and an enhanced ability to match size, capacity and cost requirements.


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TriGlide Joint

The Nexteer Automotive TriGlide joint is the industry’s best plunging tripot joint in reducing driveline shudder over a wide range of joint angles. This newest premium-performance joint from Nexteer Automotive allows the rollers to run parallel in the ball tracks during normal plunging and angulations of the joint. This design dramatically reduces internal friction that generates internal axial forces, and thus eliminates driveline shudder and improves passenger comfort.

The TriGlide joint significantly reduces noise, vibration and harshness in a compact, durable package that offers customers greater design flexibility. TriGlide’s large stroke-angle capacity accommodates a variety of suspensions and engine mounting systems. Vehicles producing high levels of torque and running angles that are susceptible to driveline shudder are prime candidates for TriGlide.


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Low-Profile Tripot Joint

Nexteer Automotive continues the relentless pursuit of mass and size reduction with the introduction of a second generation of low-profile tripot joints. This newly developed family of joints provides a further reduction of 16% in mass, and 6% in diameter, compared to our class-leading first-generation low-profile tripots, while maintaining excellent long-term durability.

As in the first generation, these new joints feature cold formed ball tracks that are extremely precise and wear-resistant, enabling them to stand up to the long-term demands of modern-day powertrains. The low stroking effort of the tripot joint provides excellent isolation of powertrain vibrations from the passenger compartment. These joints are an economical choice for many applications with low to moderate torque and running angles.


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Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Tripot Joint

The Nexteer Automotive Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Tripot joint is a rugged inboard plunging joint with high torque capacity. With reduced mass and size, this low-profile tripot joint is durable enough to handle the abusive loading and extreme environmental conditions encountered in off-road use of trucks and SUVs. The joint exhibits large stroke-angle capacity and low stroke effort, helping to isolate the passenger compartment from engine vibration.

The Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Tripot joint can be configured with a bolt-on connection for easy interfacing with differentials. It accommodates a variety of suspensions and improves passenger comfort through its long-wheel-travel design. Thermoplastic seals and swage ring clamping systems provide improved off-road durability.


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Cross-Groove Joint

Cross-groove joints are plunging joints that offer very low rotational lash, good high-speed durability and compact size. This makes them ideal for applications such as CV joints for rear drive axles and high-speed propeller shafts. The cross-groove joint can also be used on the transmission side of front-wheel-drive applications in vehicles that can tolerate less powertrain isolation.

Nexteer Automotive’s lineup of cross-groove joints spans the size range from 1400 nm yield strength to over 6000 nm yield strength. In many applications, they are fitted with metal boot can retainers to improve high-speed boot stability, and further optimize packaging space. Specially developed greases and unique manufacturing processes are utilized to enhance the performance of this joint to meet the demanding requirements of high-torque and/or high-speed conditions.

As is the case with all Nexteer joints, the cross-groove design can be configured with a variety of interface geometries including bolt-on, flange and plug-in types.


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Double-Offset Joint

The Nexteer Automotive Double-Offset joint is widely used as an inboard plunging joint on front-wheel-drive vehicles where the nominal operating angle is high and a small joint diameter is required. This constant velocity joint is suitable for a variety of suspensions and engine mounting systems. It is an excellent choice for vehicles that are not sensitive to high stroking effort.

Compared to similar joints, this Nexteer Automotive joint offers excellent noise, vibration and harshness characteristics when operated at high angles. It has a large stroke-angle capacity and a compact size for its rated torque capacity. It offers the smallest package size for high-angle applications.


Sealing Systems

Nexteer Automotive understands that the long-term performance of the halfshaft depends on the quality of the sealing system. That is why we have devoted substantial resources to the development and further innovation of the sealing system.

Nexteer Automotive was first to implement thermoplastic boots for halfshaft applications. This revolutionary introduction dramatically improved the long-term warranty of halfshafts in the industry. Today, we still continue innovating. Our industry-leading design process, which incorporates advanced Finite Element Analysis with field-proven testing procedures, enables us to design more compact and better performing boot seals than ever before. Advances in thermoplastic material have evolved new polymers that are resistant to abrasion, tears, chemical and environmental degradation, and fatigue cycling. Nexteer clamping systems are designed to “seal” the joint from the external environment for the life of the vehicle. Clamps are available in many configurations, including the lowest profile, most durable “swage” clamps that provide continuous clamp pressure with a one-piece continuous band.

Nexteer sealing systems are the industry standard for proven technology and long-term, life-of-the-vehicle performance.