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Front Wheel Drive Halfshafts

Nexteer Automotive offers halfshafts in a variety of front-wheel-drive configurations and torque capacities, capable of meeting or exceeding the requirements of today’s modern global vehicle platforms.

The function of a front-wheel-drive halfshaft is to transmit torque at constant velocity from the transmission to the front wheel of the vehicle. The halfshaft accommodates suspension travel and steering motion by means of a pair of constant velocity (CV) joints and an interconnecting axle shaft. The wheel-side (fixed centered) joint accommodates the high angle requirements of steering motion. The transmission-side (plunging) joint accommodates moderate angles as well as stroking motion to adjust the halfshaft length in response to suspension travel.

Nexteer Automotive offers halfshafts with a variety of fixed-center and plunging CV joints, in torque capacities ranging in yield strengths of 900 to 6,000 nm. Halfshaft solutions are custom engineered to meet the needs of specific vehicle requirements.