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Advanced Technology

Nexteer Automotive’s advanced analysis techniques, combined with our unique experience with vehicle integration and instrumentation, allows us to say in the forefront of new product development to meet the industry needs of reduced mass, improved NVH and high value.

CrossGlide Joint
This joint has been developed for RWD applications and high-speed propeller shaft joints. It is an 8 ball joint that has a best-in-class mass and package size for its torque rating. This joint has very low rotational lash and better high-speed operating properties than a standard cross-groove joint. It is an ideal choice when packaging space, mass and high performance are desired.

High-Value Rear Halfshafts
Nexteer Automotive has developed specific high-value, low mass solutions to part-time or low-demand rear drive systems. These halfshaft configurations balance the reduced durability needs of this drive system with a simplified joint design. The result is a high-value product, custom designed for this market.