Nexteer Automotive – A Leader in Intuitive Motion Control


1. Which business sector(s) does Nexteer belong to?

Nexteer Automotive is in the design and manufacturing of automotive systems and components for passenger vehicles. It is among the world’s leading steering and driveline suppliers.

2. Where is Nexteer listed?

Shares of Nexteer Automotive are listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited
(HKSE: 1316).

3. When does Nexteer’s fiscal year begin?

Nexteer’s fiscal year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31.

4. How can I invest in Nexteer?

You can contact any investment brokerage firms in your country/region for stock investment information.

5. Who should I contact for questions relating to my shareholdings (for example, transfer of shares, change of name or address, or loss of share certificates)?

You can contact Nexteer’s share registrars and the contact details can be found at Corporate Information.

6. What is the recent share price performance of Nexteer?

Information of our share price is publicly available by conducting an online search for 1316.HK through any major financial services.

7. How can I obtain a copy of Nexteer’s Annual and/or Interim Report?

Starting with Fiscal Year 2013, Nexteer’s Annual and Interim Reports can be downloaded from our website at Financial Reports. You are also welcome to send your requests via email.

8. Where is Nexteer’s head office located?

Nexteer’s headquarters are located at 3900 E. Holland Road, Saginaw, MI, 48601-9494, United States.